Friday, July 4, 2014

This Website is Moving.


It is an incredibly long story, but I have decided that this website will now move to a new site. We experienced some difficulties yesterday through a misunderstanding with Blogger, and even though everything seems to be working in proper order, I still think that we will use the new site that I created yesterday as a back-up plan. This sit will remain up so that readers who come here can be redirected to the new Blog.

Thanks for your  understanding.

You can  now follow me at my new Blog; E.J. D'Agrosa.


E.J. D'Agrosa

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Jim Butcher on "the muse":

"I don't have a muse. I have a mortgage!"
 -Jim Butcher, fantasy author, creator of The Dresden Files.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: "The War of Art" By: Steven Pressfield

The War of Art
By: Steven Pressfield

Are you having trouble finishing things? Maybe you are being plagued by what we writer-folk call the dreaded "writer's block"? Whether it be writing the "Great American Novel", or starting up your own business, or even achieving the ultimate weight-loss goal, Steven Pressfield's The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, is a book that will help you out of your rut and on to the right path and towards achieving your every life's dreams.

In the book, Pressfield, (author of The Legend of Bagger Vance, and Gates of Fire) presents a series of short little essays that give the reader insight into what is haunting them and preventing them from finishing things.

The book is set up in to three parts. The first part identifies the force that prevents us, Pressfield says this is resistance. He gives examples of what this 'resistance' is and how it presents itself. It could be external, in the form of everyday things like T.V., the Internet, and social media forms, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or e-mails. Or, it can be inner, vices for example that "call out" to us, whether it be alcoholism, drug abuse, pornography, etc.
author; Steven Pressfield
image courtesy of his website.

In the second part, Pressfield shows us the difference between amateurs, and professionals, and tells us that the way to overcome resistance is to become professionals, to think like professionals, or as he calls it, turn pro.

In the final part, Pressfield goes "beyond resistance" to the sources of our creativity. Pressfield calls this the muse, and he says that to achieve success we must reach out and call down our divine stories. Pressfield very much seems like a religious person, (though I am unsure to what denomination), it seems his 'religion' is a new age sort of belief, and though I as a devout Roman Catholic may disagree, there are some things worthwhile in this part.

I also tend to disagree with him on one other aspect, in that Pressfield seems to believe that anyone can "call down" the divine stories from the muse, and that we are all inherently creatively talented. I tend to believe that you are either born with a general gift such as the ability to write stories, a God-given talent, or you're not. If you are, then you foster that talent that the Almighty gave you and hone it. I believe that the "muse" does not shine down on the untalented.

But, either way, the book is a very helpful tool for getting yourselves out of a rut. Having just experienced one recently myself, I can tell you it sucks. You feel like everything you write is pure "crap". You feel like giving up and turning to a more pliable trade, like digging ditches.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling to overcome the forces of resistance and specifically to the writer struggling to finish that magnum opus of a novel.

Read it and may it inspire you. May it lift you up, give your story wings to fly off into the world. may it help you to, "call down the muse".

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Researching for a Fantasy Novel

Yes! There is really such a thing. As that I draw a lot of influence from myth and history, I tend to find myself doing a lot of research. This entails a lot of reading. Fortunately, I love reading.

Here is a picture of some of the books that I'll be referencing in my research for my forthcoming novel.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Fantasy & SF Library, w/ a recent update.

A video which I posted to my YouTube Channel a while ago, in where I show off my fantasy and science fiction library, (and also my Tolkien & Lewis books); as well as a recent update to that video with some purchases I have mad over the past couple of months.


And here is another video of some non-genre, (literary and non-fiction) books I purchased as well.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Steven Pressfield on Overcoming Resistance

I just started reading Steven Pressfield's War of Art: Breakthrough the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, and it really is, as the blurb from Esquire on the cover reads, "a vital gem...a kick in the ass." In this video, Mr. Pressfield talks briefly about overcoming resistance and getting things done.


Visit author Steven Pressfield at his site here.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Summer Reading: 2014

Summer is a time for reading. Why not? To be fair, any time is a time for reading. If you don't have time to read, then reevaluate your daily routine. Turn off the tube, get off the web. Open a book and read.

Right now, I am in the middle of reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I am about 6 chapters into it thus far. I can say Ms. Collins knows her stuff. She is a very good writer and knows how to tell a story. She's written a fine book. Look for a more detailed review to come in a few days.

My plan over the long, hot summer months is to read a mix of fantasy/SF, and contemporary literature. I am planning on reading Brent Weeks Night Angel Trilogy, as well as The Black Prism. I also plan to finally read Pat Rothfuss' Name of the Wind. I also plan to start the beast known as Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson.

For contemporary literature I am planning to read Jonathan Franzen's Freedom and Philip Roth's American Pastoral. Both recommendations from a writer friend of mine.

A few writing books that are on my reading list: Story by Robert McKee and Anatomy of Story by John Truby. I am currently reading Art of Dramatic Writing by Lajos Egri (see right).

Then of course there is my Summer with Chesterton where I will be reading, Blogging, and discussing several works by G.K. Chesterton. You can find out more about this project over at my other Blog.

So that is what I am reading over the summer. What are you reading?